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Please keep these people and families in your prayers:

Please pray for
  • Mike K. (brother of our website manager  Al K. in horrific car accident)
  • Fr. David (overall health in addition to specific shoulder pain, David’s nephew Kobe.
  • (St. Augustine‘s)  –  Calitha B. (friend of Sadie & Elmer), Mary H., Jane L., Iona M, Lola M., Harry P. Robert Tyler (Covid -19) Chester W. Sadie P.
  • (St. Barnabas)
    Marie A. Sharon S.  Andrew H. Fr Chuck H.,  Adj K., Denise F.(Adj K.’s daughter) Rebecca E.(Daughter of Tom and Judy A.)   Jamie B, Bob Warieka (prayers for return to health) Jayden Barber (great grandson of Marion Joseph).,Barbara C. and family.
  • (St. Christopher‘s)  –  Anna M., Kathy B. Anita, Marsha, Mario, Danny, Obie, Jennifer, Sean, Charlene, Chris, Leslie, Heather, Jeannie/Bill, Colleen D. Charles Harrison, Dee H. Jack,T. Elsie M. (broken hip) Dan,W, Jack Targett.
  • (St. Paul)  –  Pam H, Joan L., Kathy V. Emily,C,Willie R.(Brain bleed) Cindy C.’s brother in law (surgery for Diverticulitis) Ilya, (Betty’s premature great grand daughter), Ollie Sherrod family (husband passed)Chase and Erica S, . Lori. Hannah (Friend of Kim F.’s, daughter. Lymphoma has returned after 2 years remission) Ken Snyder (admitted to ICU at Community hospital) Brandi T. Marie G. (parents have covid)
  • (St. Stephen‘s)  – Judy H. (broken hip) Barb T.(suffering from macular degeneration and is almost completely blind.)
  • (St. Timothy’s)  – The Skimina Family, Laura, Linda E., Cathy S., Pat H., ( spine surgery) Dolores E. & Michael E. (depression), Olga B. and her son (Covid 19)
Our home-bound parishioners of:
  • (St. Augustine‘s)  Edna B., Elmer P., Thomas T., Welth H.
  • (St. Barnabas)  Eunice C.
  • (St. Christopher’s)  Lottie K.
  • (St. Paul)  Gene A.,
  • (St. Stephen‘s)  Linda N.
  • (St. Timothy‘s)  Ted. S.
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