CEMP Leadership Council

The CEMP Leadership Council is an advisory committee to the priest-in-charge and clergy team. It was formed when the partnership was founded and consists of three members from each of the (now) five faith communities. It is designed to facilitate conversation both between the faith communities and their clergy team, as well as with each other.

Conversations cover topics from CEMP financials to Worship style and preferences to scheduling of joint services and ministries to any topic affecting CEMP. Typically, one person from each faith community is elected yearly at their respective annual meeting and one person from that same faith community comes off the council at that time. Meetings are generally once per quarter on Thursday evening, although that varies as needed (such as during times of transition).

As of February 3, 2019, the current members are:

  • St. Augustine: Allen Brown (2020), Sadie Pollard (2021), Ben Tyler (2022)
  • St. Barnabas: Melvin Evans (2021), Pauline Millard-Evans (2021), Barbara Meneakis (2022)
  • St. Christopher: Becky Krumwied (2020), Bob Schrum (2021), Mary Harrison (2022)
  • St. Paul: Pam Hart (2020), Ellen Candelaria (2021), Greg Croyle (2022)
  • St. Stephen: Fritz & Kay Ruchti (2020), Bob & Josie Mattix (2021)
  • St. Timothy: Ken Goodwin (2020), Tom Zaczkiewicz (2021), Rindalee Skimina (2022)
  • Jessica Rieger & Greg Croyle (both of St. Paul's) as CEMP Co-Treasurers

*Term expires at Annual Meeting in year noted.*

For a quick reference sheet of our Vestry and Leadership Council representatives, please see attached: Reference Sheet

Below are copies of the recent Leadership Council Minutes: